Operation Render Safe

Operation RENDER SAFE is the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) series of activities that aims to safely dispose of World War II-vintage explosive remnants of war from South Pacific island nations. Operations occur approximately annually, or in response to an urgent request from a Pacific Island nation.

Operation RENDER SAFE is normally undertaken by Australian Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams and / or Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers. These teams are supported by a range of ADF assets such as  Hydrographic Survey Ships, Amphibious Landing craft, helicopters and other fix winged aircraft.

Operation RENDER SAFE activities involve extensive community engagement preparation in the months leading up to a mission to educate local populations about safe explosive handling and disposal procedures.

The ADF assisted Nauru in 2020 as part of Operation RENDER SAFE however was unable to undertake any in-country additional activities due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The ADF commitment to Operation RENDER SAFE varies year on year based on the nature of the specific requirements of the task and the support required to Pacific Island nations.