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Reserves recognised

RESERVISTS who excel at their military and civilian workplaces will be recognised at the national conference and Prince of Wales Awards ceremony held by the Defence Reserves Support Council (DRSC) in Townsville from October 16-18.

More than 50 people from across Australia will be involved in the conference.

The Prince of Wales Awards recognise individual Reservistsí excellence in both civilian and military workplaces by providing outstanding Reserve members the opportunity to travel to Canada, the UK or the US to gain experience with their civilian and military counterparts.

The awards aim to enhance community and employer support for the Reserves and to encourage employers to support their Reservist employees for military training and service.

Squadron Leader Deanna Nott, of the DRSC, said since the last national conference, the council had worked hard to produce a new range of products that helped inform people about the DRSC and its role of liaising between the ADF, Reservists and the employers of Reservists.

The products include brochures, a web site, CD, posters, a video about the organisation, promotional pull-up banners and conference displays.

SQNLDR Nott said the council believed the products would encourage people to call on the DRSC whenever they needed help with a defence-related issue.

For more information call 1800 803485 or visit


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