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3AFDS fires up on range

3AFDS line up on the range using MINIMI.

3AFDS line up on the range using MINIMI.

AIRCRAFTMEN Craig Kennewell and Christopher Smith and Corporal Wayne Johnstone were some of the better performers during No. 3 Airfield Defence Squadron’s recent annual weapon practices in Greenbank and Wide bay training areas.

During week one, 3AFDS fi red small arms used by ADGs in their normal duty, including the Steyr, MINIMI, MAG 58, MP5 and shotgun.

Some good scores were achieved with the points going towards the perpetual unit trophies. Serials were also conducted at night for personnel to continue honing their skills, without the use of night fi ghting equipment.

This phase fi nished with sneaker practices using MP5s, shotguns and M16s. CPL Johnstone performed well fi ring the F89 MINIMI.

AC Smith was accurate fi ring the F88 Austeyr up to LF 18 and AC Kennewell kept his grouping small using the MAG 58 GSMG.

The live-fi re practices allowed 3AFDS members to extend their qualifi cations on particular weapons systems and remain deployable for operations and exercises.




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