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Maritime section receives honour

A CDF Commendation has recognised the outstanding efforts of past and present members of Maritime Patrol Section (MPS) at the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Unit (JEWOSU).

CAF Air Marshal Angus Houston presented the section with the commendation on behalf of CDF during a recent trip to RAAF Base Edinburgh.

Flight Lieutenant Bruce Preston accepted the Commendation on behalf of the section. He highlighted its team effort to meet No. 92 Wing’s requirements during periods of signifi cant technical and staffi ng challenges.

JEWOSU is a tri-service unit within the Aerospace Operational Support Group. It provides Electronic Warfare operational support to ADF Force Element Groups, the Defence Intelligence Group and the Defence Materiel Organisation.

This support includes Air Force and Navy platforms. The commendation recognises the exemplary performance of MPS over the past six years in supporting and enhancing the capability of the AN/ ALR-2001 Electronic Support Measures system fi tted to AP-3C aircraft.

The section has delivered signifi cant improvements to the initial capability, both for the airborne and ground based support components of the AN/ALR-2001.




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