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Hitting the trail takes toll on ADF team

By PTE Shannon Joyce

FLTLT Mark Camilleri

FLTLT Mark Camilleri

A COMBINED service team has rallied together to put in a heartening effort for one of the greatest tests of team endurance in the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker at Balgowlah.

The Air Force and Army team battled pain and injury to raise $1000 for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad in the marathon event last month.

Flight Lieutenant Mark Camilleri, Captain Daniel Wishaw, Captain Pat Heffernan and Lieutenant Nick Griffi ths formed the team Floating Support Bridge from the School of Military Engineering.

Knee problems for FLTLT Camilleri and ankle injuries to CAPT Wishaw forced them to pull out of the event with 19km remaining.

FLTLT Camilleri said the event was an challenge from the outset.

“After hitting the trails we found that we were all in single fi le ... until the fi rst checkpoint,” he said.

CAPT Wishaw rolled his ankle 6km into the trek, with a slight pain being the only hint of the two hairline fractures that were to come.

Despite this, FLTLT Camilleri said the team managed a good shuffl ing pace. “A lot of the trails were up and down hill and over rocks and boulders, so we were slowed quite a bit.

We covered the fi rst 33km in fi ve hours and so were hoping for a good time,” he said. Stiffness and soreness began to set in at the fourth checkpoint.

They had to move through complete darkness for half an hour without head lamps.

“It had started to get cold by the fi fth stage, so we rugged up for the night run, threw on head lamps, which weren’t very effective anyway, and kept on,” FLTLT Camilleri said.

“By the 69km mark we were all feeling pretty drained. Setting off from there we then slowed up quite a bit, and Dan rolled his ankle a couple more times.

The next 12km felt more like 18km, as knees and ankles would ache; more on the down hill shuffl es than anything else.”

At the 17½-hour mark CAPT Wishaw and FLTLT Camilleri withdrew, while the other two continued.


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