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This feature appears monthly. Send your questions on Air Force history to Answers by David Wilson.

What is the longest serving individual aircraft in the Air Force?
Caribou A4-140, which was delivered on March 12, 1964 and is still in service with No. 38 Squadron, is the longest serving aircraft. It also is the only RAAF aircraft ever hijacked, when its crew was forced, at gunpoint, to fly refugees from Baucau, East Timor, to Darwin, on September 4, 1975.
Who flew the first operational sortie by an Australian in World War II?
Flying Officer E. H. Ross, an Australian serving with No. 83 Squadron RAF, flew the first sortie on September 2, 1939. He was killed on August 12, 1940 when his Hampden was lost during a raid on a bridge over the Dortmund-Ems canal.
How many US Presidential Citations have been awarded to RAAF squadrons?
There have been two. Presidential Unit Citations were awarded to Nos 2 and 13 Squadrons for their operations while based in the Darwin area during 1942.
Who was the highest scoring RAAF ace of World War II?
Group Captain C.R Caldwell was credited with 28 victories after service in the Middle East and South West Pacific theatre of operations.



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