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Dirty Americans Album cover
Dirty Americans
"Strange Generation"

Strange Generation

Dirty Americans, Roadrunner Records

TAKE a singer named Myron, a drummer who calls himself Jeremiah Pilbeam, add Jeff on guitar and Patrick on bass and you have the Dirty Americans – the so-called “raunchy, acid-drenched rock quartet from America”.

There are a few good songs out of the 13 on Strange Generation, but there are also a few others that make them just another four-piece guitar band with some supposed attitude.

Dirty Americans apparently owe much to The Stooges, Kiss and Queens of the Stone Age, but I’d say they are a bunch of psychedelic wanna-be’s gazing at their shoes.

– Michael Weaver

NERD - Fly or Die
"Fly or Die"

Fly or Die


THIS is a fresh album and unlike other albums of the genre, Fly or Die doesn’t have every track sounding the same.

– LT Simone Heyer




The Streets
The Streets
"A Grand don't come for free"

A Grand Don’t Come For Free

The Streets

Warner Music GEEZERS will delight in The Streets’ new album, in much the same vein as Original Pirate Material. Each song tells a story and they thread together to paint a picture of life. It’s an absolute ripper album with catchy songs.

– LT Simone Heyer

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