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Movie Review

Airman’s struggles

Blue Skies and Dark Nights

By Bill Randle.

Crécy Publications.
340pp. $52.

Reviewer: AIRCDRE Mark Lax

MY FIRST impression was ‘Oh no, not another World War II airman’s autobiography’. However, I was pleasantly surprised and found it most enjoyable and hard to put down.

Bill Randle joined the RAF in 1941 at 19, trained as a pilot in the US and fl ew with Bomber Command.

After completing 19 ops and having his fair share of prangs, he lectured on escape techniques, served in the Korean War and commanded British forces during the Rhodesian emergency.

Randle’s style makes this a very readable life commentary.

He covers his setbacks. Most emotive is his description of his turmoil at the loss of his young son, Stuart, to cancer.

Highly recommended.



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