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  March 14, 2001

Upgrade puts sting in Hornet's tail
The latest phase of the Hornet Upgrade (HUG) project has commenced, with the process of equipping the Royal Australian Air Force's F/A-18 fleet with radar and flight program technology underway. This is designed to bring them into line with the most advanced aircraft of their type in the world.

Project set to make history
AIR 6000 is set to become the single largest project in Australian Defence history, as the Department commits to replacing an ageing fleet of F/A-18 and F-111 fighter aircraft. The project's initial capability definition and development phases are administered and sponsored by Capability Systems, Aerospace Development, ADHQ.

It's horses for courses in Danette's 'K' Troop debut
'Fabulous' and 'outstanding' were just two superlatives used by Leading Aircraftwoman Danette Brown to describe her first experience as part of 'K' Troop, a mounted regiment famous for parading at ceremonies and special events across the country.

Calls for action on renewal
Air Force's delegates to the recent Defence Senior Leadership Summit in Canberra are ready to focus the Defence renewal agenda on delivering real results for Defence and for its people. Air Force's team at the Senior Leadership (AIRCDRE and above) supported a call from the floor...
RAAF remembers 'popular' officers
The two men killed in a plane crash near Newcastle last month were popular, dedicated members of the Royal Australian Air Force who died doing something they truly loved - flying.
Sports safety under scrutiny
The ADF should implement a physical fitness and sport safety strategy to increase health and reduce related injuries in personnel, according to a report commissioned by Defence.
Restoring the past
Since 1978, the Australian War Memorial has received federal funding for a restoration annex colocated in the nation's capital. However, the unit that specialises in the restoration of its display machinery - specifically aircraft, tanks, vehicles and artillery pieces - only began professional operations in 1996.
New face of RAAF education
Eight new Education Officers (EDOs) graduated in December from the Royal Australian Air Force School of Management and Training Technology's (RAAFSMTT) Training Officer Initial Course.
Mary Anne's Air Force journey
When Wing Commander Mary Anne Whiting says her career in the Air Force has taken her 'on a journey', she's not exaggerating. Mary Anne's journey, which began 32 years ago, has given her a unique perspective on the Air Force, particularly the changing role of its women over three decades.
WAAAF - an Aussie wartime success story
It's 1941 and the country is at war. The Japanese are advancing towards Australia and the Nazi's are moving across Europe. What would you do? If you are a bloke the answer is easy: join the military - the Air Force, Navy or Army.

Monument revives memories
Every time John Carroll catches a bus from his home in Lyneham to Canberra's city centre, he can't help but cast his mind back to his days as a Radio Operator and Air Gunner with the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II.


Extreme biking: Air Force come back to earth
For the third year running the call went out for extreme bikers in the MONT 24-hour Australian Mountain Bike Race - and more than ever riders responded. When the mountain bike event first ran in 1999, it attracted 180 competitors, with 650 riders turning up.


Wanted: Air Force rugby players
When the Air Force Rugby Union mounts a challenge for the inter-Service season this year, it's done with a long-term view to build a force to be reckoned with. According to Flight Sergeant Daniel Stack, Air Force has played second fiddle to Army and Navy in the Defence Force rugby stakes.


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