News, Sport and Unit Activities

Stories and photos on a wide variety of subjects and activities may be submitted to the Editor (see About us for contact details) for consideration for publication in Army newspaper.

Guide to Submissions

Information is the life blood of Army newspaper. Since reporting staff are centrally located in Canberra, Army newspaper relies heavily on submitted work, ideas and information supplied by non-staff members of the Army, the wider Defence community or interested others.

Submissions may be made in a variety of formats - e-mail, mail, telephone or in person - to any standard (advance warning of an activity up to finished articles).

As a general guide, if writing a story, authors should try to get a feel for story style, size and tone by carefully reading items already published in their Service newspaper. Click here for further instructions on news and feature writing. However, it is not necessary to write the story yourself. The Editor, if informed in time, will assign a reporter to the story who will conduct interviews as necessary and may even travel to your location.

Guide to Photographers

Photographs must be submitted in electronic format. It is important to note that photos can only be published in print media if they are of sufficient file size. Please set your digital camera to its highest quality setting before taking any photograph.

If a photo looks good on your computer screen (at 72 dots per inch) it may not be printable (180 DPI for newspapers or 240 DPI for glossy magazines). You will fit far fewer photos on your storage medium, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Defence photographic support for important events and activities may also be arranged through the Editor.

Letters to the Editor

It is the right of all soldiers to correspond with Army . Soldiers wishing to air their views through letters to the editor have access to the newspaper without using the chain of command. Letters will be edited for spelling, grammatical errors and newspaper style and may be edited for space. Preference is given to typed letters of fewer than 300 words. Letters will be rejected where they are too long, abusive, cover a subject that has been exhausted or can be answered in the author's unit. They will be published only when they include the author's name, unit (where applicable), location and contact number.

Send letters to: The Editor, Army Newspaper, R8-LG-029, Russell Offices, Dept of Defence, Canberra, ACT, 2600. Phone (02) 6266 7612, fax (02) 6265 6690 or e-mail ( Please note this is not an internal e-mail address and therefore requires Sec: Unclassified in the subject box when sending from a Defence-network terminal)