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National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise

National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise

The Australian Government is investing $90 billion in establishing a sustainable, continuous, National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise, as laid out in the 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

As the largest capital investment ever undertaken in Australia, the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise represents an entirely new direction in the way Australia underpins its national security interests. The Enterprise is about more than building ships, submarines and shipyards – it will establish a long-term sustainable Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment capability that will generate industry growth and develop secure Australian jobs for the future.

Modernisation of our naval force is a complex, national endeavour that requires consistent, long-term planning, decision-making and commitment to the sustained development of the naval shipbuilding industry, infrastructure and workforce. To succeed and maximise broad benefits for Australia, an unprecedented and genuine whole-of-nation, whole-of-industry and whole of-government coordinated approach is required.

The Enterprise will need time to learn and apply lessons, skill and grow the workforce and build a competitive shipbuilding industrial base, in order to create the enduring naval shipbuilding capability that is required.

Significant progress has been made in establishing the Enterprise since the release of the Plan, including major decisions regarding our new naval capabilities, establishing the Naval Shipbuilding College, and starting the process of upgrading infrastructure of our shipyards.

Achieving a National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise is a long-term endeavour, which will greatly benefit Australians for decades to come.