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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608

Administration requirements

There are a number of administrative requirements you need to coordinate before you leave the ADF. Your Unit and ADF Transition Coach can help you prepare and collect the information you need before your transition date. More information on your administrative requirements is in the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual to Transitioning.

Defence housing and relocation

If you live in a Defence property you must inform Defence Housing Australia that you're leaving the ADF when you know your transition date. Requests for an extension of tenancy is only considered for compassionate reasons or for unforeseen circumstances.

If you're living on base, you must seek approval from your Base or Unit Chain of Command to live there after your transition date. You’ll also need to arrange a base pass.

Removal entitlements vary according to your circumstances. Contact Toll Transitions before your transition date to determine your removal entitlement. Any applications for removal must be approved before your transition date.

Leave entitlements

You will need to finalise and submit leave forms before your transition date. Your ADF Transition Coach can provide guidance on how and when to submit leave entitlement claims.


There are a number of financial considerations that you should think about before you transition. You may like to consult with your financial adviser, especially if you're retiring or receiving a redundancy pay. If you don't have a financial adviser, you can contact the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre which is an independent financial service for ADF members. 

You'll stop being paid and receiving allowances from Defence on your transition date. Your final pay will go into your nominated bank account within 14 days of transitioning. Keep your final pay bank account open for at least six months after you transition in case additional payments are made. A Statement of Final Entitlement will be sent to you and you will receive a Payment Summary in the mail at the end of the financial year.

Security and official documentation

The following official documentation must be returned before you leave the ADF:

  • ADF Identity Card (if you're not joining the Reserves)
  • ADF Family Member ID
  • Official passport
  • Defence Travel Card.

Driving licence

All State and Territory road transport authorities recognise Defence driver training as fulfilling the requirements to drive civilian vehicles on public roads in Australia. These authorities may allow you to get your civilian licence without further training or testing for a small fee. Your Defence driver's licence can't be transferred to a State or Territory civilian licence once you have transitioned or no longer hold a current ADF licence. Submit your request to transfer your ADF Licence at least 60 days before you transition. The process for each Service is in the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual to Transitioning.

Certificates of service and medal entitlements

Certificates of appreciation or service are available to all transitioning members. Each Service has individual requirements which is outlined in the ADF Member and Family Transition Guide – A Practical Manual to Transitioning.

Before you leave Defence, ensure you have your full medal entitlement including service, campaign, and long service medals. If you have an outstanding entitlement complete an online application.


Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS) stores the Wills of Permanent ADF members and SERVOP C Reservists. If you lodged an ADF Will with DMFS it will be returned to you during your transition by a Transition Coach at an ADF Transition Centre. Before you transition you should update your Will through your local Defence Legal Office and check you have provided PMKeyS with your correct post transition address.

When updating your Will with Defence Legal prior to leaving the ADF, it is important to email to advise of a predated Will that may be held at DCO. You will need to advise if you would like it to be returned to you or destroyed on your behalf.