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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

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Occupational Rehabilitation

ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP) is designed to return you to your ADF role, or assist in your transition to civilian life after medical transition from Defence. It is available to all injured or ill members who have access to Garrison healthcare. It is provided through Garrison Health and delivered by contracted rehabilitation consultants.

The ADFRP will assign a Rehabilitation Consultant who will conduct a holistic assessment to establish what the your needs are and to determine if an Occupational Rehabilitation Program is required

Rehabilitation Goals

A rehabilitation goal will be determined based on the findings of the rehabilitation assessment.
The three goals of the ADFRP are:

  • Goal 1: Fit for duty in the pre-injury/illness work environment - aimed at returning injured or ill members back to their full workplace role.

  • Goal 2:  Fit for alternative duty in the ADF - aimed at returning injured or ill members back to alternative ADF roles, where a return to their full workplace role is not suitable.

  • Goal 3:  Medical Transition out of the ADF - aimed at preparing injured or ill members for transition.

Early Goal 3 identification allows you to commence planning and prepare for transition. This may include:

  • Linking you into DVA, Transition Support Services, and appropriate agencies and supports, internal and external to Defence

  • The identification of alternate vocational options, including any relevant retaining required 

  • Liaison with treating practitioners to assist in decision making and exit preparation, including referrals to external parities

  • For those with an accepted DVA claim, referral to DVA Rehab program

  • Assist with suitable duties until transition

  • Explore Meaningful Engagement options.

Rehabilitation for Reservists

Defence remains responsible for the rehabilitation of members who transfer to the reserves and have accepted claims under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA) and the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence related claims) Act.

Rehabilitation for reservists can include:

  • Return to work assistance with their Defence & / or Civilian employer

  • Medical management

  • Psychosocial assistance

  • Vocational planning and support

Referral Authorities

  • Medical Officers (via DeHS)

  • Chain of Command (via PM546)

  • Self-referral (via PM546)

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs

To seek further information please contact one of the following:

  • The regional Rehabilitation Manager

  • Local ADF Rehabilitation Consultant

  • Your Medical Officer to discuss a referral to ADFRP

  • Policy – Defence Health Manual Volume 1 Part 13 Chapter 1

Joint Health Unit Email