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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608

Mental health support

ADF Mental Health Programs

Joint Health Command delivers a range of mental health services including mental health promotion, training, prevention, early identification, treatment and rehabilitation. Defence recognise that mental health isn't solely related to diagnosable mental disorders but encompasses a broad range of lifestyle, mental wellbeing and job performance factors. Joint Health Command provides timely, evidence based mental health support to Commanders and ADF members through the development of policy, training and treatment programs adapted to the special conditions of military service. Visit for a full list of polices, training, and programs.

ADF Health and Wellbeing Portal

The Joint Health Command ADF Health and Wellbeing Portal 'Fighting Fit' will direct you to Defence websites about ADF health (including mental health). The portal includes information specifically for Commanders, Reservists, ADF members preparing for deployment, veterans, families, and health professionals.

All-hours Support Line

The All-hours Support Line (ASL) is a confidential telephone service for you and your family available anytime. When calling the ASL, you can expect a qualified, mental health professional who has a good understanding of support available to you. Call 1800 628 036.

Your GP

In many cases, the first step in accessing services for treatment of anxiety, depression, or related conditions will be a consultation with your GP. Visit for advice on seeking professional help.

Health Hot Line

1800 IMSICK is a national 24-hour call service providing world class nurse triage and health support for ADF members in Australia. Use the service if you become ill or injured after hours, or are not in close proximity to an on-base health facility.

Call 1800 467 425.

Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling

Open Arms continues to provide 24/7 counselling and support services to Australia's military community during COVID-19. If you have served one day of continuous full-time service in the ADF you can call them for support. They also support families, reservists and some peacekeepers. Call Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling on 1800 011 046 for free, confidential counselling and group programs to support mental health and wellbeing.

Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling | Group Programs | Facebook

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Beyond Blue is independent from Defence and can support you and your family if you're experiencing anxiety, depression, or suicide risk.