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Curriculum Vitae & Cover letter

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that proceeds your Curriculum Vitae. It provides an individually tailored letter to the position that has been advertised.

The cover letter should address the skills and abilities that the job advertised. It gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a strong candidate that matches up against the needs of the employer. It should also show how keen you are about the prospect of working for their company and your enthusiasm about the opportunity to present your skill set. 

Curriculum Vitae

When looking for new employment, having an up to date CV is important to showcase your previous experience and skills.


The design of your CV should be clear, succinct and clear for your prospective employer to understand.


The first part of your CV should clearly state your name clearly. Underneath your name, you should list some personal information, such as an email and phone number. Take care to not list more personal information than you feel comfortable of, such as your birth date or personal photograph.

The first paragraph is typically the most important section of your CV. Employers will often read this section before the other sections. Make sure to include in this section what your intention of your CV is, what your career goal is and a little bit of your background. 

Education & qualifications

It's important to list your qualifications, so that your prospective employer knows what skills you have training in. For example, listing your university qualifications, certificates, first aid qualifications and any other recognised forms of study would be ideal.

Work history

Your work history is fundamental to put within your CV. It advises your potential employer of where you have worked previously and for how long. Usually placed in reverse chronological order, it shows your employer your most recent position and then goes into your larger history of what you've been experienced within.


Having a referee list is an important part of your CV development. You have the option to say within your CV that your referees are to be requested from you, so that you have adequate warning in making them aware that they will be contacted.

It is important to put as your referee your current / past managers so that your potential employer gains enough information about you as possible.

You can also download a CV example.