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Defence Member and Family Support

For ADF members and their families

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Your money

The Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Centre is a financial and consumer education service for ADF members. Their objective is to help you and your family achieve greater financial security.

They have developed a number of Money Guides to help you set yourself up to be financially secure. These guides include:

  • Saving - Setting a savings goal and tips and tricks on how to achieve them. For example, your goal could be to put some money aside for emergencies or you may want to save for a home deposit, car, holiday or a wedding.

  • Budgeting –   Taking charge of your money, whether you have a little or a lot, you will ease money stress and feel more secure and in control by creating a budget and tracking spending.

  • Making Your Money Work – Using money wisely, managing loans, insurance, super, and retirement savings. For example, getting the most out of your superannuation.

  • Banking – Tips on managing your accounts.  For example, getting the best interest rate for your savings.

  • Getting Financial Advice – How to choose the right advisor. For example, being cautious of fees and invested interests that the advisor may have.

  • Insurance – Type of insurances, making claims and managing risk. For example, insurance provides the money you need when things go wrong.

Professional advice

During or after your service, you may wish to seek professional advice regarding your finances.

The ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre has established the ADF Financial Advice Referral Program, designed to assist ADF members in privately obtaining financial advice services which are free from remuneration-based conflicts of interest. The financial advisers in the Program have agreed to provide advice on a genuine fee-for-service basis.