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Defence Honours & Awards

General Information

United States Army Small Ships

Australian Civilian Personnel who served afloat with the United States Army Small Ships Section between 8 December 1941 and 2 September 1945 may be eiligible for the:

Required Evidence

The following official documentation can be used to support a claim:

  • Certificate of Service or Certificate of Discharge (must contain enlistment and discharge dates).
  • Defence Department Form 214 – Certificate of Release or discharge from Active Duty. This must contain the dates and ship names the member was assigned to.
  • United States Army Forces in Australia, Small Ships Supply Command Civilian Personnel Record Card. This card will contain the Assignment Record which lists the ships the member was assigned to and their period of duty for the assignment.
  • Form TCCP 50 – United States Army Supply Service Transfer/reclassification Occurrence Report. This occurrence report will contain the ships the member was assigned to and their period of duty for the assignment.
  • Pay Card or Individual Earnings Record.

The following associated documentation can be used in conjunction with the official documentation:

  • Certified copies of letter sent by the member. Must contain postmark from a location within the operational area.
  • Certified copy of diary written by member.
  • Medical certificates showing member attending a medical centre within the operational area.

Contact Information

For copies of United States Army Small Ship Section documentation write to:

Department of the Army
United States Army Human Resources Command
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40122

More Information

For more information on United States Small Ships see the Defence Honours and Awards Appeal Tribunal


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