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Defence Infrastructure Division

Moorebank Units Relocations (MUR) Project

Project Benefits

The MUR Project has multiple benefits:

  • The Moorebank site is ageing and would have required significant capital investment in the future.
  • The relocation of units to Holsworthy will provide an opportunity for cost effective capability upgrades and consolidation of military capability and support elements in one location.
  • It will provide purpose-built and best-practice facilities for our servicemen and women.
  • It provides an opportunity for Defence to incorporate planned program expenditure to consolidate elements of the work and to provide long term operational efficiencies to Holsworthy Barracks.
  • It keeps Defence in the Liverpool Military Area, ensuring it remains a major local employer and continuing the engineering, logistics and national security-related support activities that have long been the key business of Defence in the area.
  • A new signalised entrance to Holsworthy located away from the station precinct will be built, replacing the existing traffic bottleneck at the Macarthur Drive intersection.
  • The on site construction workforce for the MUR works is anticipated to average around 2000 people and peak at around 3000, benefitting the local community.
  • Works will largely take place on Defence property with minimal local community impact.
  • The IMT Project will not interrupt or affect adversely the operations of SME and other Defence units. The Government has indicated that a seamless transition of Defence’s critical national security functions is an absolute priority.
  • Defence’s critical activities at Moorebank include field intelligence training, field engineering, bomb detection and other operating units supporting Australian troops in the field. The MUR project will ensure continuity of training and other functions.