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Defence Infrastructure Division

Randwick Barracks - AWD and LHD Ship Facilities Project

Daily Air Monitoring Reports

How to Read an Air Monitoring Report

Daily reports are issued following each sampling event. Details of the sampling event are displayed followed by specific information about each sample including:

  • Sample ID;
  • Sample locations;
  • Start and Finish times of sampling;
  • Initial and Final flow rates of the sampling equipment;
  • The number of respirable fibres (those that can reach the deepest parts of the lungs, the lower bronchioles and alveolar regions, and cannot be removed by the body's natural waste removal processes) identified following lab analysis; and
  • A concentration of respirable fibres per millilitre of air.

It is important to know that when respirable fibres are identified, this does not always mean they are asbestos mineral fibres, rather, they are fibres of a pre-determined length, width and length to width ratio that are deemed to be respirable. Additional laboratory analysis must be completed to determine the exact composition of each fibre if required.