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Defence Infrastructure Division

REDFIN Phase 1B Infrastructure – Facilities Required for the New Fleet of Special Operations Vehicles Project

Welcome to the public website for the REDFIN Phase 1B Infrastructure Project. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works. For more information on the committee, please refer to the PWC Process.


Project REDFIN falls under the Defence Capability Program and is delivering a new fleet of vehicles to the Australian Army. This fleet will enhance the capability of Australian Special Forces in the key areas of land mobility and communications. The vehicles incorporate a high degree of protection, integrated weapons and communications systems, and a range of other features that meet Australia's specific requirements.

This new vehicle fleet will be operated and maintained out of bases near Sydney and Perth. An enhanced communications capability is also proposed under the project, with Fixed Control Stations to be located near Darwin, Townsville, Perth and Sydney. The supporting facilities and infrastructure is proposed for the following Defence sites:

  • Campbell Barracks (Western Australia)
  • Holsworthy Barracks (New South Wales)
  • Lavarack Barracks (Queensland)
  • Defence Establishment Howard Springs (Northern Territory)

Facilities to support vehicle garaging, storage and working accommodation are proposed at Campbell and Holswortthy Barracks. It is further proposed that new communications infrastructure will be delivered at all sites.