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Defence Infrastructure Division

Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-Program

HMAS Cairns

Project Location

HMAS Cairns is an existing Defence establishment located 3km from the City of Cairns.

The proposed works at HMAS Cairns are within the Base’s property boundary or on the adjoined Defence leased property, located opposite the Base’s main entrance.

HMAS Cairns Aerial View
Figure 12: HMAS Cairns Aerial View

Maritime Structures

Proposed works includes demolition of the existing Navy Wharf, construction of a new wharf that will connect to and extend the existing Wharf 12 (Sugar Wharf) and dredging alongside the new wharf. Wharf services will be provided to the new wharf. Refer to Figure 13 for an artist impression of the new wharf.

HMAS Cairns Maritime Structures Artist Impression
Figure 13: HMAS Cairns Maritime Structures Artist Impression

Office Accommodation

A new office building will be constructed within close proximity to the wharves. This facility will support the Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels sea operations and support the vessels and their crews when the vessels are docked at HMAS Cairns. Refer to Figure 14 for an artist’s impression of this building.

The proposed works also includes upgrades to maintenance and logistics facilities and the construction of new storage facilities for equipment and small boats.

The existing Naval Cadet function will be relocated to a new facility that will be constructed as part of the project.

HMAS Cairns Office Accommodation Facility Artist Impression
Figure 14: HMAS Cairns Office Accommodation Facility Artist Impression

The existing explosive ordnance loading buoy at Swallows Landing will be upgraded.

A new explosive ordnance storage facility is proposed to be constructed to meet Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel requirements. A site is yet to be selected however a proposed concept design has been completed for the facility.

Engineering Services Infrastructure

Existing engineering services infrastructure including electrical supply and distribution, roads and carparking, and stormwater and sewerage, will be extended or upgraded.