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Defence Infrastructure Division

Stage One of the Garden Island (East) Critical Infrastructure Recovery Program

Approval Processes

Stage One was subject to a rigorous approval process prior to progressing to construction. This included obtaining Departmental approval, Government approval, and Parliamentary expediency.

In accordance with the Parliamentary Standing Committee’s (PWC) Manual of Procedures for Departments and Agencies and, the Parliamentary expediency process included:

  1. Referral: Stage One was referred in Parliament on 01 March 2017.
  2. Hearing: Stage One Hearing was held on 04 May 2017.
  3. Expediency: Stage One achieved Expediency on 14 June 2017.
  4. Reporting: The PWC Outcomes Report was published on the PWC website.

Defence consulted local residents, statutory authorities and other interested stakeholders as part of obtaining Parliamentary Expediency for the works to proceed under the provisions of the Public Works Act 1969 by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC).

Click here for a link to the Statement of Evidence for Stage One of the Garden Island (East) Critical Infrastructure Recovery Program.