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Defence Infrastructure Division

Stage One of the Garden Island (East) Critical Infrastructure Recovery Program

Welcome to the public website for Stage One of the Garden Island (East) Critical Infrastructure Recovery Program (Stage One). The Department of Defence has established this website to provide information to members of the public about the project.

Stage One forms part of a two-stage program of works proposed at Garden Island. For information on the second stage, Stage Two, please refer to

High Capability Field Vehicle

The aim of Stage One is to address significant condition, capacity and compliance issues with two existing wharves at Garden Island (East), Sydney, New South Wales. These wharves are referred to as the Cruiser Wharf and the Oil Wharf. Subject to Parliamentary approval, it is proposed to demolish the Cruiser and Oil wharves and build a new wharf in a revised alignment in their place. It is also proposed to extend an adjoining wharf to limit the new realigned wharf's protrusion.The new realigned wharf will be equipped with a new crane, engineering services and wharf furniture similar to those on the existing wharves.

Stage One proposes the following six scope elements:

  • Project Element 1: Demolition of Wharf Structures;
  • Project Element 2: Construction of Wharf Structures;
  • Project Element 3: Seabed Dredging;
  • Project Element 4: Wharf Furniture;
  • Project Element 5: Portal Crane; and
  • Project Element 6: Shore Engineering Services.