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Defence Infrastructure Division

Mulwala Remediation Project


Mulwala Contamination Investigation - Reports - Key Reports
Remediation of the Offsites Drainage Channel - Final Validation Report
Water Tower Tip Investigation (Feb 03)
Response to Query (April 03)
Groundwater Investigation Report (Phase 2 & 3) ADI Mulwala
Volume 1 (March 03)
Volume 2 (March 03)
Contamination Management Plan (December 03)
Capping Investigation Report (March 05)
Contamination, Validation & Verification of Mercury Impacted Soil - Report (August 04)
Groundwater Reuse Report (November 05)
Summary Site Audit Report (September 07) (35MB)
Initial Capping and Environmental Monitoring Report (October 11) Warning this is a large Document (111.05MB)
Hydraulic Containment Trial (October 11) (27MB)
Contamination Management Review (AECOM 2018)
Groundwater Monitoring Event Report (AECOM, May 2019)
Groundwater Modelling Report (AECOM, June 2019)