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Defence Infrastructure Division

Mulwala Remediation Project


ADI Mulwala Contamination Investigation - Reports - Key Reports
Initial Capping and Environmental Monitoring Report (October 11) Warning this is a large Document (111.05MB)
Hydraulic Containment Trial (October 11) (27MB)
Summary Site Audit Report (September 07) (35MB)
Groundwater Reuse Report (November 05)
Capping Investigation Report (March 05)
Contamination Management Plan (December 03)
Remediation Feasibility Assessment Report (November 03)
Pre 2005
Remediation of the Offsites Drainage Channel - Final Validation Report
Contamination, Validation & Verification of Mercury Impacted Soil - Report (August 04))
Contamination Management Project Progress Presentation (December 03)
Baseline Numerical Flow and Solute Transport Model Analysis (June 03)
Priority Source Investigation (June 03)
Source Investigation Report ADI Mulwala (March 03)
Gantt Charts
Phases 2,3 & 4 Schedule
Phases 6 & 7 Schedule
Groundwater Investigation Report (Phase 2 & 3) ADI Mulwala
Volume 1 (March 03)
Volume 2 (March 03)
Water Tower Tip Investigation (Feb 03)
Response to Query (April 03)