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Defence Infrastructure Division

Maritime Operational Support Capability Facilities Project

Project Overview

Welcome to the public website for the Maritime Operational Support Capability Facilities Project (MOSC Facilities Project). Defence has established this web page to provide information to members of the public about the MOSC Facilities Project. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works (PWC).

For more information on the PWC or to access a copy of the MOSC Facilities Project Statement of Evidence, please refer to

The Department of Defence is planning a $220.5 million upgrade of facilities at HMAS Stirling, Rockingham, WA, Randwick Barracks, Sydney, NSW, and Garden Island Defence Precinct, Sydney, NSW. These upgrade works are to support an enhanced Maritime Operational Support Capability to the Royal Australian Navy.

This capability will comprise a single class of Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) vessel, as shown in figure 1 below, to replace the current ageing vessels HMA Ships Sirius and Success. To support the introduction into service of this enhanced capability, suitable facilities and support infrastructure will be required.

Proposed works include:

1) - HMAS Stirling, Rockingham WA

  • extension of the existing Armament Wharf;
  • upgrading the engineering services at Diamantina Pier;
  • constructing additional live-in accommodation;
  • constructing a shared-use facility for operational support; and
  • constructing a maintenance hardstand area.

2) - Randwick Barracks, Sydney NSW

  • constructing a new Training Centre as an extension of the existing Navy Training Systems Centre

3) - Garden Island Defence Precinct, Sydney NSW

  • minor refurbishment of existing building 122 to provide a remote monitoring station for the vessel’s Integrated Platform Management System.

The proposed development works, and upgrades are expected to commence in mid-2018, subject to Parliamentary approval, with construction works to be completed by 2020.

Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Vessel
Figure 1: Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Vessel