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Defence Infrastructure Division

Larrakeyah Barracks Redevelopment Project

Project Element 6: Upgrade Stormwater Infrastructure

The proposed stormwater network will be configured as two defined catchments areas, eastern and western as shown in figure 9.

Eastern Network: will increase the capture of the overland flow in a new open unlined drain (OUD) along the Larrakeyah common boundary. This drain will discharge into the existing City of Darwin (CoD) outfalls. While this OUD is increasing the capture of overland sheet flow over the common boundary with Larrakeyah (and thus decreases the impact on the neighbouring properties), the overall discharge to the CoD outlet is reduced through the diversion of other piped networks that were discharging at this location. These other networks have been diverted into the Western network and discharge into Darwin Harbour.

Western network: While also providing additional inlet pits, this network will provide connection to the existing piped systems that discharge concentrated flows over the cliff into Cullen Bay. This stormwater will be diverted to the south into the main trunk line that is located adjacent to the Oval. This trunk will be extended along the eastern kerb of Steele Street until it enters a drop structure which transfers the stormwater down to the Hardstand area. The stormwater is then discharged into Darwin Harbour in the north-western corner of the Hardstand.

Proposed Armament Wharf Extension
Figure 9: Upgrade Stormwater Infrastructure