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Defence Infrastructure Division


Welcome to the Public Website for the LAND 155 - Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability Facilities Project. Defence has established this web page to provide information about the LAND 155 - Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability Facilities Project. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works. For more information on the committee, please click here.

High Capability Field Vehicle

The aim of the LAND 155 infrastructure project, subject to Parliamentary Approval, is to deliver new and upgraded facilities and infrastructure to support the introduction into service, training and operation of the Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability for the Australian Army. The key types of facilities proposed include the following:

  • Shelters will allow for the storage of new critical bridging equipment which includes the Dry Support Bridge (DSB) Build Vehicle, Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB) Bridge Build Interface (BBI) and IRB Bridge Erection Propulsion Boat (BEPB).
  • Hardstand will allow for open storage space for non-critical bridging assets and associated circulation area to support vehicle movement as well as equipment loading and movement. This space will also be utilised for equipment inspections and maintenance where possible to reduce the requirements for transportation.