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Defence Infrastructure Division


Welcome to the public website for the LAND121 Stage 2 - Unit Sustainment Facilities Project. Defence has established this web page to provide information about the LAND121 Stage 2 - Unit Sustainment Facilities Project. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works. For more information on the committee, please refer to the PWC Process.

High Capability Field Vehicle

LAND 121 is a multi-phased project providing the ADF with current-generation, high-capability field vehicles, modules and trailers. Approximately 7,500 protected and unprotected vehicles providing battlefield mobility, logistics support and tactical training will be procured.

LAND 121 Unit Sustainment Facilities project will support the delivery of vehicles with new or upgraded facilities at 8 Defence Establishments nationally. These facilities will improve the maintenance, support and ongoing operation of the new vehicle capability. 

The scope of vehicle facilities considered for provision to units under this project covers:

  • Maintenance Facilities - New or refurbished vehicle maintenance workshops and associated spare parts, hazardous material and quartermaster store (Q-Store) storage facilities, that would contribute to improve vehicle availability and be capable of maintaining the new larger vehicles;
  • Support Facilities - Upgraded or new facilities to support efficient vehicle operations and legislative compliance for road operations, including weighbridges, vehicle wash points, Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) and Adblue (a fuel additive required to meet the Euro5 emission standards) delivery points, loading and inspection ramps; and
  • Sustainment Facilities - Facilities designed to reduce wear and tear and increase the effective life of the vehicles i.e. shelters and hardstands.