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Defence Infrastructure Division

Joint Project 2008 Phase 5B2 Satellite Ground Station - East Facilities Project

Works Element 1: The Satellite Ground Station - East works

Under this work element, it is proposed that Defence's Capability Contractor design and construct the facilities upon which the satellite dishes and communications equipment will be mounted or housed.

The works element proposes construction of the following, as shown in the Figure 3 below:

  1. Satellite Dish Foundation Infrastructure: This includes concrete pads and connection of services from the proposed satellite dishes to the Transmission building;
  2. Transmission Building: This facility houses communications equipment to support satellite communication services. The Transmission building includes facilities for maintenance personnel, including workstations, toilets and a kitchenette; and
  3. Supporting Infrastructure: Including:
    • security fencing for the new SGS-E compound;
    • installation of backup generators and fuel storage;
    • vehicle access roads and parking; and
    • water storage tanks to support fire fighting and on-site water requirements.

High Capability Field Vehicle
Figure 3: Artists impression of the proposed Work Element 1