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Defence Infrastructure Division

Facilities For JP157 Replacement Aviation Refuelling Vehicles

Welcome to the public website for the JP157 facilities project that is the facilities project to support the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) replacement aviation refuelling tanker project.

Defence has established this web page to provide information about the JP157 Aviation Refuelling Vehicles Facilities (ARVF) Project. The information contained within this web page is intended to complement the information provided to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works. For more information on the committee, please click here.

Traffic Control

The aim of the JP157 ARVF project is to deliver facilities and infrastructure to support the JP157 Replacement National Support Base Aviation Refuelling Vehicles Project. Subject to Parliamentary approval the key types of facilities proposed include the following:

  • Bunding Works: Repairs and extension of damage undersized bunding and provision of new compliant bunding.
  • Fuel Treatment System Works: Increase of treatment system capacity or replacement of unsuitable treatment system type.
  • Reuse of Existing Vehicle Shelters: No works required on buildings being reused.
  • New Vehicle Shelters: Vehicle shelters are necessary to sustain the aviation refuelling fleet by protecting the vehicles from the elements, reducing environmental degradation and maintenance, and increasing resale value.
  • Hardstand and Access Roads: Hardstand and access roads are required to be Austroad dimension compliant to allow parking and associated circulation space to support movements.
  • Security Works: Security works are required to provide appropriate level of physical security and illumination of parking areas
  • Contamination Works: Works required disposing, store and/or treat contaminated materials resultant from excavation works including soil and water contaminated with hydrocarbon and of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).