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Defence Infrastructure Division

Hammerhead Crane Deconstruction Project - Garden Island

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to deconstruct the HHC?

The deconstruction of the Hammerhead Crane is estimated to take approximately 10-11months. Works commenced on 28 Jan 2014 and are due for completion in approx. Nov 2014.

Why is the HHC being painted?

Prior to deconstruction works commencing, the HHC is having its flaking paint encapsulated with a non-toxic acrylic paint to minimize paint dust and flakes being released during deconstruction. The paint around the pre specified cut lines is being removed prior to commencement of cutting.

What will happen to the various parts of the HHC?

The parts of the HHC which have been identified as having high heritage significance will be retained by Defence. The parts of the HHC that have not been identified as having heritage significance will be disposed of by the demolition contractor.

Why is another Crane being built next to the HHC?

To ensure that the HHC is disassembled in a safe and balanced way, a large tower crane will be constructed adjacent to the HHC to lift the cut elements safely to the wharf below.

Will the Tower Crane remain after the HHC is demolished?

No, The Tower Crane is only a temporary structure. As soon as the HHC is demolished, the Tower Crane will be dismantled.

Can I get a memento from the HHC?

In line with the Approval Conditions for the deconstruction of the HHC, a tender for Expressions of Interest to retain a pre determined component of the HHC was sent out. This was sent to all people who had expressed an interest in the future of the HHC as part of the public exhibition of the referral documentation. The tender was also sent out to all stakeholders who had been identified during the development of the HHC Heritage Plans. Applications were assessed and the results documented in the Salvage and Reuse Plan.  If you did not respond to the tender or have not previously shown any interest in the future of the HHC, you are not able to obtain a memento.

Will there be an increase in traffic around Woolloomooloo as a result of the Deconstruction Works?

No, as per the Compliance Report, barges will be used to transport items that are too large to transport on truck. The truck movements required to transport the rest of the materials will have no significant impact on the local roads (average 2 truck movements per day).

Will there be additional noise as a result of the Deconstruction works?

Noise has been considered as part of the Compliance Report. There is no excessively noisy work anticipated, however should this change, interested parties, who have registered their details at will receive an update.