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Defence Infrastructure Division

AIR 5428 Phase 1 – Pilot Training System Facilities Project

Victoria Proposed Works

RAAF Base East Sale

The main works proposed at RAAF Base East Sale include:S

  • new flight line shelters for PC-21 aircraft;
  • new aprons and taxiway to service PC-21 aircraft;
  • new aircraft storage hangar;
  • new maintenance facilities for five aircraft, flight line office, aviation life support
  • refurbished paint shop to meet compliance and PC-21 aircraft requirements;
  • new classrooms, working accommodation and briefing rooms for BFTS, CFS and PSA;
  • new FTD facilities;
  • TASPO facilities, working accommodation and briefing rooms;
  • LIA for 105 students;
  • new aircraft wash facility;
  • new engine run-up facility;
  • minor extension to the existing medical facility;
  • trunk infrastructure works to service the proposed new facilities;
  • associated demolitions, landscaping and car parking; and
  • works required for decanting existing functions if they are currently operating in any facilities considered for adaptive reuse.