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Defence Infrastructure Division

AIR 5428 Phase 1 – Pilot Training System Facilities Project

Welcome to the facilities project website for the AIR5428 Phase 1 Pilot Training System (PTS) Facilities Project. The information contained within this web page is derived from the Facilities Requirements for the Pilot Training System Replacement Aircraft Parliamentary Standing Committee for Public Works Statement of Evidence. For more information on this document, refer to the PWC Process.

PC-21 flying over Sydney Harbour

The project will deliver facilities, infrastructure and airfield works for the introduction of the PC-21 aircraft to support the Pilot Training System (PTS):

  • RAAF Base Gingin (Western Australia)
  • RAAF Base Pearce (Western Australia)
  • RAAF Base Edinburgh (South Australia)
  • RAAF Base East Sale (Victoria)
  • RAAF Base Williamtown (New South Wales)

This important national Defence project will see upgrades to RAAF base facilities in preparation for the upgrade of the PC-9 to the PC-21 for the PTS by early 2019.

It is important to note that the PTS Facilities scope at each site relates specifically to facilities and infrastructure works to support the PTS and not the aircraft or its operations.