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Defence Infrastructure Division

AIR2025 Phase 6 Jindalee Operational Radar Network Facilities

Project Location

The project will delivery facilities, infrastructure and upgrades to the Radar 3 sites in the Northern Territory and four Ionospheric Sounder Sites (ISS) around Australia:

  • Radar 3 Receive Site, Mount Everard, Northern Territory
  • Radar 3 Transmit Site, Harts Range, Northern Territory
  • Establish ISS at Murray Bridge, South Australia
  • Establish ISS at Learmonth, Western Australia
  • Establish ISS at Ajana, Western Australia
  • Establish ISS at Horn Island, Queensland

The Department of Defence is planning a combined $50.7 million upgrade of the Radar 3 site facilities to address the current obsolesce and supportability issues and the establishment of 4 Ionospheric Sounder Sites. The Phase 6 upgrade will see the capability extend Radar 3’s Life-of-Type beyond 2042.