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For Reservists

The following links provide information specifically for ADF Reservists to assist with maintaining general health and wellbeing, and provide advice on how to obtain health and mental health services.

If as a Reservist you sustain an injury or illness related to Defence service, your health care will be provided by Health and Rehabilitation Services until (if appropriate) responsibility is transferred to the DVA military compensation system.

For routine health requirements, injury or illness not related to Defence service, Reservists serving on other than continuous full-time service (CFTS) should consult their civilian health practitioner.

Reservists on CFTS are eligible for the same Health and Rehabilitation Services as a permanent member (subject to a medical examination).

Reserve Assistance Program (RAP)

To support the increasing integration of the Reserve workforce, Defence Reservists who are rendering service and do not have access mental health and wellbeing programs at their civilian employment can access the Reserve Assistance Program (RAP).h
The RAP builds on existing ADF Mental Health programs to ensure that Reservists who are rendering service and their immediate family have access to mental health and wellbeing support, to address both personal and service related challenges.

Please note that from 18 October 2017 the service provider has changed. Updated details relating to the program, including the new phone number, are below:

: 1300 361 008 (available 24 hours a day from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call) for confidential, independent, and free counseling.

For more information about the RAP

Reserve Assistance Program - Member
Reserve Assistance Program - Commanders and Managers
Reserve Assistance Program Awareness sessions - for bookings contact Defence’s Work Health and Safety Branch at

17 September, 2020