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Intelligence - Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO)

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Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) analyses information from a range of national and international sources and creates insightful, reliable and incisive assessments that help defend Australia and protect its interests. Our mission is to provide the best intelligence possible to the intelligence consumer. To achieve this mission, we provide timely and independent intelligence assessments on countries and foreign organisations relevant to Australia's security and strategic environment. Our work is enhanced through collaboration with the Australian Intelligence Community and the national intelligence and security agencies of Australia’s allies.


  • Inform decision-making at the highest levels of Government;
  • Make a real contribution to the ongoing security of Australia;
  • Influence strategic policy guidance for Defence and the ADF;
  • Become tomorrow’s leader and shape the future for a more secure Australia;
  • A five day familiarisation tour where you will visit Navy, Army and Air Force bases to meet Australian Defence Force members and interact with military equipment;
  • Senior Officer Briefs where you will meet Defence’s senior leaders, including the Chief of the Defence Force and Secretary of Defence, to discuss Defence’s strategic objectives, career management and the senior officer’s personal insights;
  • Rotation-specific training to provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake rewarding, exciting and challenging work;
  • A dedicated Graduate Management Team that will guide and advise you throughout your program; and
  • An ongoing position at the completion of the Defence Graduate Program.


As a Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) analyst, you will provide strategic intelligence analysis to the Defence Minister, senior Defence staff, other Government agencies and policymakers. Your assessments and advice will help the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force understand international developments and how they affect Australia’s security. Your work as an analyst will include supporting Australian civilian and military Defence personnel deployed on operations around the world, by identifying vulnerabilities and potential countermeasures to mitigate this risk.

There are a number of analyst positions in DIO including:

  • An Intelligence Analyst within DIO conducts all-source analysis focusing on support to military operations; terrorism; regional security; foreign military capabilities; cyber threats; Defence-related technologies; political; economic; geographic and thematic issues.
  • A Scientific Analyst within DIO conducts unique specialist all-source analysis focusing on specific areas of military interest, including nuclear, chemical and biological proliferation; strategic health issues; emerging technologies; and WMD-related weapons systems. This analysis informs whole-of-government consideration of major development projects and policy objectives regarding WMD and strategic health issues.
  • A Technical Analyst within DIO conducts all-source analysis of threat weapons systems and platforms, including future threat. They may also look at emerging and disruptive technologies with military applications and may also conduct complex modelling and simulation activities and work on signatures predictions. This analysis informs government consideration of major acquisition projects worth billions of dollars, such as the future submarines, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Air Warfare Destroyer.

Throughout your career as a DIO analyst, you will be encouraged to develop novel analytic approaches and test conventional thinking. You will personally brief senior Defence officials, and build highly effective and collaborative professional relationships with intelligence customers and collectors. You will work in a supportive, collaborative and encouraging environment that will challenge, extend and reward you.

We are interested in graduates from a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, international relations, arts/humanities, physics, mathematics, engineering, science and technical qualifications.

In all of DIO’s analytic roles, you will be given the opportunity to advance your subject matter expertise and to develop your intelligence tradecraft skills through an extensive training program and attendance at a wide variety of domestic and international forums.

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Quick Details

  • Degree types: All degree disciplines. The following degrees are highly desirable:
    All engineering qualifications including Aeronautical, Aerospace, Nuclear, Space Systems, Electronic, Electrical, Communications, Digital Systems, Systems, Explosive Ordnance, Civil and Mechanical.

    Technical qualifications in applied physics, mathematics, materials sciences, mechatronics, robotics and artificial intelligence, the quantum sciences, and bio-technology.

    Scientific qualifications including chemistry, physics, mechanical and chemical engineering, and medical sciences
  • Salary: $68,442 pa + 15.4% superannuation. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will advance to $74,721 pa + 15.4% superannuation
  • Program:
    • 12 months – 3 x 4 month rotations
  • Eligibility: View eligibility requirements
  • Intake: February;
  • Location: Canberra (limited interstate rotations outside of Canberra are available, however final placement will be in Canberra)
  • Benefits: Why Choose Defence
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