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Application for a Delivery Verification Certificate


This application form is to apply for a certificate for the purpose of verifying to a foreign government that items have entered Australia and are subject to Australia's export controls.

This certificate will be requested by a foreign government to verify the goods have been received in Australia.

An application for a Delivery Verification Certificate can only be issued for a single import transaction. If you have multiple import transactions that require Certificates, you must submit separate applications for each.

For more information on this certificate go to the Delivery Verification Certificate page.

Important Note: The SmartForm functionality works best when the form is opened in Adobe Reader. Opening the Smartform in Adobe Acrobat Professional or another PDF reader may cause problems with the form. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website and is suitable for use on most operating systems. Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed to avoid problems when using the Smartform.


  1. To complete this application form you will need to quote your DECS Client Registration Number (DCRN). If you don't have a DCRN, you must first register with Defence. A Client Registration Form can be downloaded from the Forms page
  2. When you submit your completed application, you will be required to attach supporting documentation. Supporting documentation should include:
    • Airway Bill;
    • Bill of Lading;
    • Parcels Post Card; and
    • Copies of the import declaration entry paperwork that was lodged with the Australian Border Force.

More information on using the form can be found in the Guide to Using a SmartForm.

Note: When you complete this form, you will be prompted to submit it via email to DEC. You do not need to post or fax a copy of the application as well.

A guide to sending the SmartForm to DEC is available on the Email Instructions page.

Problems using the SmartForm?

If you have difficulty opening or using the SmartForm from the link above, you may download and save a PDF version of the form to your computer. To download a copy of the form do the following:

  1. 'right-click' (Windows) or 'control-click' (Mac) on this link;
  2. select "Save Target As..." (Windows - Internet Explorer) or "Download Linked File As..." (Mac OS - Safari);
  3. select a suitable location for the form to be saved to your computer; then
  4. select "Save".

* These commands may vary slightly for other web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox and the operating system you are using.

Once you have downloaded the form, you should open it in Adobe Reader to complete it. When the form is complete, you will be prompted to submit it via email to us.

* If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or another PDF editor on your system, these programs may be set as your default reader for accessing PDF documents. If this is the case, you will have to tell the system to open the form with Adobe Reader. To do this 'right-click' (Windows) or 'control-click' (Mac) on the saved file and select 'Open With', then select Adobe Reader from the list of programs. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed it can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

If you continue to have problems using the SmartForm please contact DEC.