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Exporting firearms and related goods

Firearms, firearm parts, accessories and ammunition are all subject to export controls — regardless of the state, age, completeness or working condition. Before exporting any of these items, you must first obtain authorisation. While you may need an Export Permit from Defence, many travellers will find that a Restricted Goods Permit (RGP) is more appropriate. An RGP is a permit issued by the Australian Border Force (ABF) for the export by an individual of no more than four (4) firearms leaving Australia as accompanied goods; for example, in passenger baggage.

Replica firearms, paintball firearms and airsoft (BB) firearms do not require authorisation to export. However, these are subject to import controls upon being re-imported into Australia, and may be subject to import controls in other countries

Export Requirements

To export firearms and related goods from Australia, you must complete three main steps:

  1. Register as a client with the Australian Border Force (ABF) using a Client Registration Form;
  2. Lodge an Export Declaration; and
  3. Obtain either a Restricted Goods Permit (RGP) or a Defence Export Permit.

There is more detailed information on Restricted Goods Permits available, and we have a quick guide to walk you through the steps of this process.

Further detail on the a ABF Export Declaration process is also available.

Re-Importing Firearms

All exporters should retain a copy of their export permission (RGP or DEC issued Export Permit) as this may exempt firearms returning to Australia from having to undergo safety testing by the ABF.

All firearms returning to Australia must have import permission in order to be re-imported. Information and fact sheets on importing firearms are available on the ABF website.

Important Note: Airlines have their own requirements and restrictions on carrying firearms and ammunition on aircraft. It is the exporter's responsibility to confirm these requirements and notify their airline that they will be transporting firearms and ammunition, before leaving Australia.

Overseas Import Approval for Firearms

Travellers should be aware that approval from authorities of the overseas destination may be required to import firearms. You should seek advice from the relevant country embassy or mission prior to travelling.

At the request of the Government of Vanuatu, DEC will now only process applications for firearms exports from Australia to Vanuatu to Port Vila Hardware (as the consignee). Should exporters have any questions regarding this change please contact DEC.


Exporting goods without permission is an offence under section 233BAB of the Customs Act 1901 and can attract a penalty of up to A$450,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Providing incorrect information in an export declaration is an offence under Section 113 of the Customs Act 1901 and can attract a penalty of A$5400.


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