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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Spatial Information - GIS Development

Spatial Data

Diagrammatical and pictorial information that identifies the spatial context of natural or constructed land, infrastructure and building features or boundaries, and in some cases position on the earth. Spatial data typically includes Computer Aided Design (CAD) information, Geographical Information System (GIS) data and digital aerial photography and satellite imagery.

Work Space (WS) GIS

Workspace GIS (WS-GIS) will be the sole GIS for E&IG business. WS-GIS will host all reference that support business feature layers and GEMS GIS reference layers, and within which all existing (and standalone) GIS information will migrate (example business GIS layers such as Contaminated Sites features).WS-GIS will firstly support GEMS geo-enablement and provide, imagery, foundation data and reference layers, base maps and web services and all other capability as required. This means that E&IG GIS reference will be available and maintained for WS-GIS, Desktop clients and GEMS users without business user need to manage.


The ERP GIS is distinct to the WS-GIS in regards to how it is accessed and what parts of GIS information it contains. ERP GIS is the part embedded within GEMS – but remains a significant part of E&IG GIS.

Estate Geospatial Capability & Information Spare Point (collaboration site)

E&IG Geospatial Share Point: The Geospatial Capability & Information collaboration site has been formed to encourage collaboration and sharing amongst the geospatial community and those who use, depend or have an interest in geospatial information.

Within this shared environment there are three sites representing the three divisions of E&IG – DepSec E&IG, Infrastructure Division and Service Delivery Division. The intention is that each site will be owned, managed and maintained by representatives for the respective divisions, where they can contribute their geospatial information and share ideas, and be visible to the group.

Through collaboration we will:

  • promote opportunity for estate geospatial community collaboration as well as business and geospatial information user innovation;
  • to encourage innovation and make better use of Defence’s information assets to develop geospatial information that is aligned to supporting estate business processes and relevant to the business needs;
  • encourage and ensure Defence estate geospatial information is definitive, standardised, reliable and high quality;
  • provide all of Defence with authoritative estate geospatial information that is current and accurate; and
  • avoid reference and business information duplication.

By working collaboratively with the business our goal is to:

  • better support EIG information standards, systems and management process outcomes;
  • ensure effective capture of EIG geospatial information assets centrally for enterprise consumption and reporting;
  • ensure the information is accessible to all.

Geospatial Preparedness Working Group (GPWG)

The Geospatial Preparedness Working Group (GPWG) is formed by a core group of stakeholders, facilitating two-way engagement on key areas of interest in the geospatial domain and will be able to represent the broader E&IG interests.

Focus of the Working Group

By initiating the Geospatial Preparedness Working Group the following outcomes are expected:

  • Business areas impacted by new geospatial capability (such as SAP geo-enablement) will be able to be engaged and responded to with timely, relevant information regarding the changes.
  • Projects and other initiatives requiring business input on a geospatial component can seek guidance and planning assistance from a central group in the first instance.
  • Issues impacting the geospatial domain of E&IG are aggregated by a central representative group which reduces the risk of inconsistent procedures and decision making.
  • Business geospatial data (operational layers) requirements are prepared for GEMS solution realisation, and
  • The geospatial interests of Defence Support will be formally represented at other Defence-wide geospatial discussions and formally promoted to the E&IG executive.
Feedback to the working group is strongly encouraged and recommended through Estate Geospatial Capability & Information SharePoint site Team Discussion (internal only) page.

If you require further assistance or advice please contact the spatial team at: Estate Geospatial.

Rod Armstrong
Manager, Spatial Systems
(02) 61287788

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