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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


National Spatial Information Management System (NSIMS)

DSRG Metadata Entry Tool

The National Spatial Information Management System (NSIMS) is the DSRG access managed repository for all E&IG Spatial Information and is supported by the Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP).

NSIMS includes:

  • A spatial data metadata catalogue for searching and locating spatial and aspatial data;
  • A gazetteer for defining and performing searches on geographic extents of a named feature.

NSIMS Spatial Data

NSIMS Spatial Data comprises fundamental data sets (key datasets), such as Defence Master site and building floor plans, related information products or overlays and otherwise all 'As Constructed' or consultant report documentation stored as a reference library. Every item of spatial data requires a metadata record as the primary library reference. Where applicable NSIMS key datasets are amended to reflect the new spatial content and the original data files otherwise stored for later reference. NSIMS datasets may be divided into two categories georeferenced information and geocoded key dataset information or reference.

Georeferenced Information is information aligned to a known coordinate system or is identified as a Defence site key dataset to which related information products are linked and can be viewed or queried with other geographic data overlays. Examples of georeferenced spatial data include:

  • Site level georeferenced key datasets (Defence Master Site Plans) and related underground and above ground services;
  • Aerial photography and Satellite imagery;
  • Co-ordinate locations e.g. fauna sightings, contamination locations;
  • Environmental mapping e.g. vegetation communities, fire management areas;
  • Estate Management business information overlays.

Geocoded Information is any information that can be assigned to a geographic feature. Examples of geocoded spatial data include:

  • Building (floor plans) key datasets related to business, services or occupancy information overlays;
  • Library reference datasets including Word and PDF documents, excel spreadsheets e.g. reports and manuals, electronic images of scanned paper plans and hand-held imagery.

How can I ensure my spatial data can be used in NSIMS?

Adopt and implement standards and specifications in the Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP) and ensure external contractor compliance for all new spatial data acquired by E&IG.


If you require further assistance or advice please visit our SharePoint Site Estate Geospatial Capability & Information (internal only) knowledge articles and pages or contact the spatial team at Estate Geospatial.

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