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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Metadata Entry Tool (MET)

DSRG Metadata Entry Tool


Metadata is 'data about data' (a library card about a library book). It's the same kind of information you find in a Word or Excel document under 'File - Properties' such as creation date, creator/author, update info and much more. NSIMS searches the metadata files associated with our spatial information just as Google searches the metadata provided for web pages. The spatial metadata should conform to the international metadata standard ISO 19115. For more information please check out the E&IG SDMP Sections for Spatial Metadata Specifications.


The Estate & Infrastructure Group (E&IG), Department of Defence have developed a tool to facilitate the creation, viewing and editing of metadata records for spatial information. This will be used by people working both within or external to E&IG.

The MET will support the implementation of the National Spatial Information Management System (NSIMS). NSIMS will support the use of spatial data in approved data formats for the planning, development and delivery of a range of E&IG and Defence activities including capital infrastructure works, the maintenance and operation of Defence properties, the provision of Garrison Support Services and management of natural and heritage assets (waterways, vegetation, flora, fauna that resides on Defence owned land or are impacted by Defence activities on non-Defence owned land).

The users of the MET would be members of a data maintenance group which may be working within or external to E&IG. The MET can be downloaded and installed on a PC for use as required. The user will be able to use the MET to create and edit metadata stored on storage areas within its organisation.

The MET is a standalone desktop application that that will connect to the Defence Information Environment (DIE) when it tests for MET components requiring updates. If the MET is installed on a PC external to the Defence Network the MET will access the notification file via the internet (i.e. assuming the MET has access to the internet).


(NOTE: DO NOT use this install for Defence Network installation - For Defence Network installation you need to log a job with ICT Services Log a Job Online using catalogue item Commercial Software – Request / Upgrade /Transfer / Return)

MET Installation and Getting Started Guide

To Download the latest version of the MET (for non-Defence Network installation only) click the following link:
Latest version METSetup

MET Reference Updates

E&IG provides regular reference data updates to MET users so that datasets can be correctly linked to the current estate and project numbers. Click the appropriate links below to download the latest update of reference data.

DEMS Project ID’s
Estate Place ID’s
Theme keywords
Coordinate Reference System’s list
User Tips file

The MET will test for a notification that there are updates for MET resources and software are available. The notification will advise the MET user that updates are available in a compressed format from the E&IG web service. The MET user needs to download updates then decompress these updates for use by the MET processes.

The following sample of Metadata provides guidance on the expected content:
Sample Metadata


If you require further assistance or advice please visit our SharePoint Site Estate Geospatial Capability & Information knowledge articles and pages or contact the spatial team at Estate Geospatial.

Rod Armstrong
Manager, Spatial Systems
(02) 6128 7788

Version Control
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Technical Authority: SIM | Subject Matter Expert: MSS