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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Defence Estate Management System (DEMS)

This page and its contents is currently being reviewed as GEMS has replaced DEMS as the Defence Estate Information System (DEIS) and replacement content is underway.

DEMS & IBIS are no longer in operation, any information accessed from this page is for historical purposes only and is not supported by Defence E&IG.


The DEMS (Defence Estate Management System) is the estate management system that has been in operation since 1997. DEMS was identified as a legacy system and is now being phased out.

This web page is a central point of reference for the following DEMS related products:

DEMS Data Archive
Whilst DEMS was previously used to manage the upkeep of the Defence Estate, it is now a legacy system. All DEMS data has been archived and will remain as an archive of all DEMS activities that have been recorded via the DEMS application.

Note legislative requirement: As the DEMS data contains information regarding asbestos, there is a legislative requirement that the information be maintained for a period of 80 years since it was last updated. This means that the DEMS data should not be archived before the year 2095.

The DEMS-ID module enables users and managers within the Capital Facilities Infrastructure (CFI) Branch to efficiently manage and report on major capital facilities projects and contracts. It will continue to operate in a stand-alone environment.

DEMS Supporting and Historical Documentation
DEMS Supporting and Historical Documentation is a central repository for all documentation used to support DEMS-ID and the DEMS system while it was in operation.

Program Status Report (PSR)
This report provides financial performance of all projects over a given region for a specified period of time.

Technical User Documentation
The DEMS Technical User Documentation provides details for where and how the DEMS modules store, reference and report DEMS data. The documentation in its entirety is referred to as "meta data" which translates to "data about data" or information about information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
A list of FAQ's for DEMS.

Garrison Estate Management System (GEMS)

GEMS is now the stem used to record Service Requests and Work Orders. This information is now available from the SAP Portal on the DRN only.

Last Modified: June 2018

Technical Authority: E&IG
Subject Matter Expert: GEMS Support