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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Estate Works Program

Directorate Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO)

National Program Services (NPS)

Project Delivery Services (PDS):

Estate Management and Planning (EM&P)

Base Manager (BM)

Directorate Estate, Environment and Energy Services Delivery (DEEESD)

Estate Maintenance and Operations Services (EMOS)

Directorate Estate Planning and Upkeep (DEPU)

Directorate of Operations and Training Area Management (DOTAM)

Directorate Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO)

Product owner - Product Director;

Responsible for the Estate Works Program (EWP) Framework;

Contract administration (National Program Support (NPS) and Project Delivery Service (PDS));

Accountable for planning and delivery of EWP;

Accountable for the EWP budget;

Delegate approval for procurement;

Security with final approval of all Green Uncleared Foreign DCAC requests;

Develop and communicate processes to support nationally consistent planning and delivery of EWP projects;

Defence Estate Quality Management System content owner for Estate Works.

National Program Services (NPS)

Program development - consolidate and prioritise various work requirements through a consultation process with the Groups and Services and assessment of Estate Appraisal (EA) data;

Program management:

  • Coordinating and managing the three year EWP;
  • Provide expert advice on program management and governance of project delivery;
  • Manage program budgets;
  • Quality assurance oversight and advice for effective management of the EWP.

Stakeholder engagement - consultation with Infrastructure Division (ID) in the development of the EWP, support Estate Investment Requirement (EIR) development with Estate Management and Planning (EM&P) team;

Develop processes for the EWP;

Provide progress reporting to DEWPO;

Coordinate and provide advice on Sponsor Funded Works;

Management of Estate Project Variation Requests.

Project Delivery Services (PDS)

Project stakeholder engagement;

EMOS stakeholder engagement;

Industry engagement;

Project Management and Contract Administration for EWP project delivery;

Point of contact for in year delivery of projects;

Conduct scope and feasibility, and design;

Ensure stakeholder engagement through the development and agreement of scope, including EM&P, EMOS, customer and DEWPO;

Manage project delivery schedule and budget control;

Administer procurement of delivery contractors through Austender;

Project delivery issue and conflict resolution;

Responsible for project quality assurance/compliance and risk management/notification of changes and subcontractor incident management;

Handover coordination for EWP projects including oversight of Commissioning Handover/Takeover (CHOTO) and update of Estate data in conjunction with EMOS;

Oversee transfer of project data from contractor to EMOS;

Project reporting including at Zone Regional Estate Works Program Forum (REWPF) meetings.

Estate Management & Planning (EM&P)

Local knowledge - regional Zone information, environment, cost estimates validation;

  • Advice on requirements for Phase 1 Scope and Feasibility of EWP projects
  • Advice on requirements for Phase 2 Design

Support planning through the provision of zone and location specific advice;
Zone stakeholder engagement and consultation to support development of the EWP
Review bids and bundles - validation of work packages in line with strategic impacts, geographical constraints, environmental impacts, delivery timeframes, common work types and locations;
Provide input on selected TEBRs where specialist knowledge / input is required;
Consultation with ID stakeholders to provide local knowledge and input into the planning of the Defence Estate footprint;
Provide advice to EMOS on key estate issues for consideration in EA inspections;
Identification of risks - environmental considerations and customer requirements;
Regional management of site selection boards;
Regional advice and facilitation of EIR submissions, including Sponsor Funded Works EIRs;
Review and endorse EIRs - planning impacts, alignment with estate priorities, deconfliction with Alternate Proposals and Major Capital Facilities projects, costings and risk rating assessment compliance;

Project Delivery:

  • Attend HO/TO meetings;
  • Acceptance of delivered works into the Defence Estate;
  • Attend monthly project meetings - Regional Estate Works Program Forum (REWFP).

Base Manager (BM)

Review and endorse EIRs – validity, planning and service delivery impacts;

Endorse multi-base DCAC requests, additional privileges and adverse police checks;

Stakeholder for projects planned and delivered within their Base;

Provide advice to EMOS on key estate issues for consideration in EA inspections.

Directorate of Estate, Environment and Energy Service Delivery (DEEESD)

Regional Environment and Sustainability team provide environmentally sustainable design input to projects, provide approval for contractor ECCs and ensure compliance with Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC);

Provide access to regional reports, plans and studies to assist contractor planning;

Governance of Environment Land Management service including management of bushfire trails, overabundant and threatened species (flora and fauna), and ground water;

Energy Management;

Sponsorship of requirements for land and environmental consultancies;

Review of EWP bids for alignment with Land Management product.

Estate Maintenance and Operations Services (EMOS)

Provide advice, manage and deliver Estate Upkeep maintenance services;

Ensure that all elements of the Defence Estate are compliant with legislation, Australian Standards and other Defence policies;

Maintenance of estate data across the various estate information systems and assuring the quality of data in IBIS and GEMs;

Conduct Estate Appraisal inspections and provide data for recommended maintenance works;

Delivery of EWP projects where allocated to EMOS;

Provide Project Services Support;

  • Consistent and timely advice on the operability and maintainability of estate items delivered by the project;
  • Smooth transition of newly constructed/changed facilities into service;
  • Maintain the operating aspects of the base during project delivery;
  • Validate updates to estate, compliance and contract data; and
  • Ensure effective determination of NPOC and coordinate contract amendments (CCPs) for transition to in-service
  • Regional staff have a delegated role in accepting project deliverables on behalf of ESD. EMOS advises ESD in the exercising of acceptance.

Directorate Estate Planning and Upkeep (DEPU)

Governance of planned works (alternate proposals) delivered through EMOS Estate Upkeep service;

Governance of Project Support Service for EWP projects;

Governance of Estate Appraisal inspections and data for provision of recommendations for EWP;

Driving conduct of Estate Appraisal in accordance with EWP and MCF priorities;

Confirmation of EWP works proposed for EMOS delivery;

Sponsorship of requirements for technical audits;

Review of EWP bids for alignment with Estate Upkeep product.

Directorate of Operations and Training Area Management (DOTAM)

Operates and co-ordinates the management of Training Area & Range management across Australia. Including related products and services;

Sponsorship of requirements for works on training area;

Review of EWP bids for alignment with training area capability requirements;

Coordinates SDD support to major exercises and operates within Australia providing  the full range of JOSS services including;  coordination of Defence Assistance to the Civil Community, Defence Force Aid to the Civil Authority and ceremonial requests.