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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services





Estate Works Program

Project Commencement

Grouping of Works

Estate Works Projects generally include a collection of individual Estate Works Program requirements.  Endorsed works are grouped into projects for delivery, based on location and the nature of the works.

The project initiation process includes NPS, E&IG, PDS and EMOS review and confirmation of bundles of works into projects, preparation of the project initiation brief and baseline delivery schedule.

Project Releases

EWP projects are released in tranches of works in February, May and August each year.  The timing of the release will be determined by risk and other scheduling impacts.  The project is released with all supporting documentation including the initiating EA work order, consultancy recommendation or Estate Investment Requirement and a Project Brief comprising:

  • Project description and location;
  • Project budget estimates;
  • Stakeholders to be engaged in the scoping of the project;
  • Previous works that relate to the project, such as a consultancy;
  • Known project risks;
  • Target milestone dates.

The project brief is issued to the Project Delivery Services provider for commencement of the project.  Depending on the nature of the works, some projects are offered to the EMOS for delivery.

Out of Sequence Releases

From time to time requests to urgently release works or to change the sequence of releases are received.  Processing of such requests will include consideration of a number of factors including:

  • The impact of the release on the overall Estate Works Program, including balancing the works with the available budgets;
  • Circumstances leading to the out of sequence request;
  • Opportunities to offset the request through delaying the release of other works at the same property or from the same sponsor.  This may include escalation to the relevant service headquarters for endorsement for the early release and/or to delay other project tasks;
  • Requests for early release of Estate & Infrastructure Group sponsored works such as maintenance works identified through Estate Appraisal and other technical assessments will be assessed through NPS consultation with the Base Support Manager, regional EFS team and/or relevant subject matter expert to determine opportunities for offsets as required.

Scope and Feasibility

Projects commence with a scope and feasibility study during which all stakeholders are engaged to confirm requirements and project outcomes.  The Phases menu on this page provide more detail on the project delivery processes.

Note: Should you require contact with DEWPO, NPS or PDS, please refer to the Products Director page.