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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Estate Works Program

Developing the Future Program

The proposed Estate Works Program is extensively reviewed prior to presentation to the E&IG Business Partnering Forum for endorsement in November each year.

** Please refer to latest amendments to the Program Development Schedule below **

Key Programming Actions Timeframe
New Requirements  
Development of EIR bids Development of EIR bids
Completion of EIR's Year round
Maintenance recommendations from Estate Appraisal Year round
Development of the 2022 - 2024 Estate Works Program
Draft 2022-2024 Program on DEQMS February 2021
Estate Works Program Briefs at each Base February - March 2021
Base Review of 2022-2024 Program March - May 2021
National Review (Group & Services Review) of 2022-2024 Program June - July 2021
Pre-submission Program Review of 2022-2024 Program August - September 2021
National Review Meeting (Canberra) October 2021
Business Partnering Forum Endorsement (Canberra) November 2021
Release of approved projects / scope and feasibility studies February, May, August 2022
Development of the 2023 - 2025 Estate Works Program
Draft 2023-2025 Program on DEQMS February 2022
Estate Works Program Briefs at each base February - March 2022
Base Review of 2023-2025 Program March - May 2022

Program Themes
Program outcomes to be delivered by the Estate Works Program

Program Review
Base Manager and Estate Management & Planning Review
Base Review
National Review (Groups & Services Review)
Program Review (E&IG Zone/Region Review)

Program Optimisation
Quarterly reviews are conducted of upcoming maintenance requirements to determine the optimal program delivery method.

Program Endorsement
National review and endorsement by E&IG Business Partnering Forum

Project Commencement
Grouping works into projects and commencement.