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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services



Estate Upkeep

Directorate of Estate Planning & Upkeep

Product Director (PD)

Directorate of Estate Planning & Upkeep (DEPU) in Estate Support Branch in ESD is the Products Director for the following estate management elements:

  • Estate Information
  • Estate Appraisal
  • Estate Upkeep
  • Estate Compliance

E&IG Risk Management Framework and Process

Joint Directive 30/2015 on the Management of Risk in Defence requires risk management to be integrated into all planning, approval, review and implementation processes, at all levels, to ensure that risk is one of the major considerations in decision making. To ensure that DEPU and our EMOS contractors understand the fundamental principles surrounding risk management throughout respective business processes all workers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Risk Management Processes and Framework. A link to these important corporate documents can be found here.

DEPU has overall responsibility in ESD for planning, developing and delivering EU products and services and has the lead role in ESD for estate compliance requirements.  For Estate Upkeep the PD role includes:

  • providing guidelines, processes, procedures, templates and tools to enable effective and consistent management and delivery for EU products and services;
  • establishing and managing essential governance including assurance requirements, performance management and knowledge sharing;
  • DEPU product and service budget management including tracking and billing, resource forecasting and resource management;
  • DEPU service delivery planning;
  • demand and capacity planning and scope management for the maintained estate;
  • performance assurance and verification for EU products and services;
  • maintain relationships and process integration with other PDs and key estate stakeholders including ID and Groups and Services representatives;
  • definition and assurance of estate information; and
  • definition and assurance of estate compliance requirements.

These responsibilities will provide consistent application of products and services standards and a single point of accountability for EU products and services. The scope for the EU PD is consistent with ESD ’s detailed functional descriptions within the ESD operating model.

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