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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Permanent (Land) Live Fire Training Facility Design Handbook

Chapter Four - Complex Permanent (Land) Live Fire Training Live Fire Facilities

Permanent Basic Ranges are Permanent (Land) Live Fire Training Facilities that are primarily designed and constructed to train, practice and assess personnel in elementary marksmanship training using Individual Weapons (IW), Light Support Weapons (LSW), Machine Guns and Service Pistols.  Marksmanship skills are taught and consolidated utilising these facilities prior to progressing onto advanced marksmanship techniques and employment of other battle craft skills as an individual or as part of a team and applied in a field 'tactical' environment.  Some Permanent Basic Ranges also provide a suitable venue for the conduct of limited advanced marksmanship live fire practices, such as Individual Close Quarter Battle Techniques (ICQBT) and competition shooting.

This handbook is a dynamic document that will evolve as information is obtained, edited and promulgated. Currently some elements are incomplete and where required information is unavailable, then contact Range Design and Compliance Section, DEEP personnel

  • Annex A - The Small Bore Mini Cartridge Range (ADF Cadets)
  • Annex B - The 25m Barrack Range
  • Annex C - The Open Range
  • Annex D - The Classification Range
  • Annex E - The Electronic Open Range (EOR)
  • Annex F - The Marksmanship Training Range (MTR)
  • Annex G - The Individual Gallery Range
  • Annex H - The Individual Snap Range
  • Annex I - The Section Defence Range (SDR)
  • Annex J - The Individual Sneaker Range
  • Annex K - The Tube Range
  • Annex L - The The Battle Shooting Range (BSR)