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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

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Compliance & Assurance

Range Inspectors provide biennial safety certification through regular monitoring and auditing for safety compliance on all ground weapons and demolition ranges, including those civilian ranges approved for Defence use. DTARP has moved from a regional to a national inspection programme with the locally based Range Inspector being the first point of contact and who also maintains continuity but the inspection could be conducted by any of the Inspectors. Enquiries on the national inspection programme or where there is more than one State involved should be directed to Mr Ken Irving. Click here for the process on how to Performing Regulatory Compliance Checks

Inspections are conducted in accordance with the technical specifications detailed by the relevant Technical Regulatory Authority. Range Inspectors are authorised to conduct ballistic certification of Test and Evaluation Facilities around Australia. Inspection Reports and Certificates of Safety are provided for all permanent ground weapon and demolition ranges and those civilian (non-Defence) small arms live fire facilities approved for Defence use such as ADF and Cadets. The Range Inspectors are not authorised to certify ranges for civilian or sporting use. Click here (PDF) to view a sample Certificate of Safety.

What does the DTAMM say about Compliance Monitoring and Auditing?

Chapter 10 of the DTAMM provides information about Compliance Monitoring & Auditing.

What tool do we use for the Audits?

The Range Inspectors Audit Toolbox (RIAT) is used by Range Inspectors for the scheduling of range audits, collecting information about range audits and the creation of Range Safety Certificates. A login ID is required for this site.

Range Inspectors Audit Toolbox