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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Engineering & Maintenance Compliance ElementEngineering & Maintenance

Aircraft Pavements

The Civil Engineering Section (CES) is the approval authority for aircraft pavement concessions for all sealed ADF airfields. The Section also conducts pavement inspections and subsequently prioritises and recommends scope to be delivered through the National Aircraft Pavement Maintenance Project. CES is responsible for airfield and aircraft pavement policy and advice.


ADF/E&IG/ID/EE/DEEP/CES - This is the first point of call for all correspondence
Group Mailbox: - Duty Mobile: 0405 228 962

Senior Civil Engineer (SCE): Squadron Leader Nicole Sutton
Email: - Tel: 02 6266 8207

Civil Engineer (CE): Flight Lieutenant Sean Jamieson
Email: - Tel: 02 6266 8114

Civil Engineer (CE): Alex Metcalf
Email: - Tel: 02 6266 8445

Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL): Mark Van Zomeren
Email: - Tel: 02 6266 8027

Version Control
Version No: 1.0 | Last Updated: Sep 20
Technical Authority: ASEE | Subject Matter Expert: DEEP