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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Internet Access

Why did I come to this page?

You arrived at this page as the information you are looking for is only available to Defence personnel via the Defence Intranet. Security restrictions mean that some information is not accessible to people external to Defence.

If the information is not available through the Internet, it is the responsibility of the Defence Project Officer or Tender Contact to advise you of the restrictions and/or clear the information for external release.

Availability of information on DEQMS

The DEQMS Tool provides access to the processes, policies and documents that support the management of the Defence Estate. It is available to Defence personnel in its complete form with no restrictions, through the Defence Intranet.

A modified version of DEQMS is available on the Internet so that customers, contractors and consultants can obtain a range of information such as the Suite of Contracts, template documents and general non-restricted information.